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Add some Zing to your Ordering. Drive more mobile food and drink orders with the OrderZing platform and enhance the guests experience of your brand.

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Zero Barrier to Order

OrderZing allows your customers immediate access to your menu from their device, no app stores, no passwords and no user registration. Let your virtual waiter do the work.

Powered by Your Brand

With Orderzing customers interact with your brand and your menu. Ordering is effortless resulting in more orders, quicker.

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Simple Repeat Transactions

No need to enter card details more than once with each card stored in your customers’ digital wallet for next time.

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Paid, Print, Prepare

OrderZing sends you a printer ready to accept unlimited orders wirelessly. The OrderZing range of printers can handle any environment - servery, kitchen, even wireless and multi-location.

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Market effectively

OrderZing increases sales and gives you the tools and services you need to enhance your customer experience and market effectively inside and out of your venue.

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Branded Mobile Apps

Order from anywhere on a property with business branded iPhone and Android apps. OrderZing lets your branding speak to all guests with appealing visuals and enticing descriptions leading your customers to spend more than with a traditional menu.

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With OrderZing once you have registered a payment card you do not need to enter the details again, reducing the barrier to repeat orders.

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Always In Control

Eliminate printing costs and enhance the guest experience by bringing your menu to their own device. Generate revenues otherwise not seen and reduce human error by recording all orders electronically.

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OrderZing is a live system - changes can be made live, without re-starting. Last minute offer or special to push? - with OrderZing it is as easy as pressing Publish.

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A Platform That Grows By Itself

OrderZing is a cloud platform built for the future. It updates to new features and enhancements automatically. Got an idea you would like to see implemented? Let our development team know at

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Streamline your operations without interfering with them. Free your staff from taking orders and payments and increase table turn all at once.

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Tickets can be configured to look identical to your existing format and are prepaid as payment is done in the app.

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OrderZing Dashboard

Own your online ordering and keep records of all your data. Report and view top selling items, edit your menu and advertisements from one central portal accessible from anywhere, any time.

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You can send instant notifications to your users direct from your dashboard. Special offer this Friday night? Let them know about it then track how many people are reading.

Marketing Services

The OrderZing platform and OrderZing team boost marketing to your customers with tools like in-app advertising, website integration, not to mention design services for things like banners and flyers. OrderZing can also be used to enable takeway orders online.

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Your OrderZing app can be made to run on a front of house touch screen or even in your restaurant window. One app, everywhere.

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