About Us

OrderZing exists to help restaurants, cafes and bars navigate the ever changing technical landscape of the hospitality industry. Our solutions allow venues to remain competitive without enduring the burden of development and maintenance expenditure.

Paving the way

Technology Solutions

We created OrderZing because it became clear to us that there was a distinct lack of ambition and appetite on the part of the incumbent technology partners that restaurants have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, to support their clients with new revenue opportunities such as online and mobile ordering, mobile payments and electronic menus.

Many providers, such as POS and till systems use proprietary protocols that prevent third parties from integrating with them, leaving clients at the mercy of their current providers. In the instances where a route into these systems is available, it is often found lacking the real functionality needed to produce anything of any value.

OrderZing bridges this gap in two ways. In the case that integration with your current software provider is possible, we have produced a system that takes away all of this pain for you so that you can be up and running within hours, allowing your customers to order and pay for their orders via their mobile devices. Where integration is not possible or desirable, our wireless printer solutions sit alongside your current system, printing tickets in a format that matches your POS and an extensive dashboard to analyse and export sales data.

The company was born from an existing, highly experienced technology development company with decades of experience in technical solutions design, development and launch, particularly in the mobile space. This means in selecting OrderZing as your new technology partner, you are in safe, capable hands. As a technology company first and foremost, we are extremely well equipped to adopt and deploy new features via our cloud platform.

2018 has been a huge year for growth of technology in the hospitality industry and 2019 promises to continue that trend. Solutions for take-away/take-out have been around for some time, but the real area of development currently is in-restaurant/bar mobile purchasing. Spend on mobile accounts for over a quarter of all sales, and retailers estimate they could be missing out on £6.6bn per year by not having a mobile solution. OrderZing can help ensure you don't get left behind.